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Use the calculator below to calculate the cost of your tags for a new vehicle.

Procedures to pay Sales Tax on a vehicle

  • Customer can bring in a bill of sale with title
  • Customers can fill out a low selling affidavit
  • Customer can count it as a gift transfer with gift affidavit
  • Pay market value based on 75% of NADA book
  • No title number will be given and the Tennessee Department of Revenue can review price and decide on if the selling price is fair market value


  • Enter Purchase Price
  • Enter Trade In Value (Enter 0 if no trade in)
  • Calculate

Vehicle Sales Tax Calculator

Car Purchase Price*
Trade-in Amount*
State Tax:
Local Tax:
Other Tax:
Total + Tag/Plate transfer ($ 15.5)
Total + New Plate ($36)
* denotes reqiured fields